Welcome to Fallbrook Family Dentistry!

At Fallbrook Family Dentistry, we treat each patient as we would a family member: gently, with compassion and respect for the person’s unique needs. We believe in providing those we serve with dental treatment that helps them achieve and maintain excellent oral health and a beautiful smile, while developing life-long relationships with each patient. We offer on-time appointments; CLICK HERE to schedule yours today!

Dr. Jeffery Spahr, Dr. Janna Spahr, Dr. Brenton Matulka, Dr. Kate Starostka, and our dental team understand the difference that having a healthy mouth makes in a person’s life. Good oral health leads to better overall physical health, and feeling happy with the appearance of one’s teeth and smile means a person has greater self-confidence and feels more comfortable when talking and laughing with others.

Here at Fallbrook Family Dentistry, we emphasize comprehensive care, remedying issues and establishing preventive processes that help our patients avoid future dental problems. We educate each person about the best home oral hygiene practices, making healthy nutritional decisions, and establishing good habits, all of which ensure healthy teeth for a lifetime.


Some of the general dentistry services and options available at Fallbrook Family Dentistry include:

Our team welcomes patients from Lincoln, Seward County, and neighboring communities at Fallbrook Family Dentistry, and also at Milford Dental Clinic. For more information about the comprehensive oral healthcare we offer, and to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one, please call.